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APC New Medicines Application Form

Secondary Care : Procedure for approval of High Cost Drugs

New Medicines Application Form Guidance

Secondary Care : Procedure for Approval of Individual Funding Requests (IFR) by Clinical Director of Pharmacy

IFR Proforma

NHS England Cancer Drugs Fund

Secondary Care : Procedure for Responding to Prescribing Breach Reports

For more information about the decision-making process undertaken by Area Prescribing Committee (APC), please read our Standard Operating Procedures.

This Formulary is intended for use by staff working within the Worcestershire Health Economy, in either Primary, Secondary or Mental Health Care Trusts and is available via the internet.

Information contained herein should not be used or issued to persons outside of NHS Worcestershire without the prior approval of the APC who manage the database.

Worcestershire APC is a strategic decision-making committee of health care provider representatives across Worcestershire operating in a partnership capacity.  The overall aim of the committee is to manage medicines usage across the Worcestershire health economy.  This requires that the committee is pro-active with its health economy partners, taking a strategic approach by co-ordinating and directing policy across primary and secondary care, between Trusts and between clinical networks where possible.

The central principles of rational prescribing and medicines use, namely clinical and cost effectiveness, appropriateness (including convenience), safety, equitable provision of medicines and financial management, guide the thinking and outputs of the committee.

The membership comprises of representatives from the 3 Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Groups (Redditch & Bromsgrove, South Worcestershire and Wyre Forest), Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust, Worcestershire Health & Care Trust, and a lay member.

The database is formatted in accordance with BNF chapter classification for ease of use and also includes hyperlinks to the e-BNF, e-BNFc and to the electronic medicines compendium which holds Summaries of Product Characteristics.  Searches can be undertaken by medicine name, class or condition.

NICE information is available at but some chapters do also provide links to appropriate NICE guidelines.

Specific APC guidance and the APC new medicines application form are available at; some chapters do also provide links to appropriate APC or related Health Economy guidance.

Comments about any aspect of the database can be made by utilising the feedback section.  The APC would be pleased to receive any comments or criticisms.

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